November 10

Donald Trump’s Win Isn’t Surprising

President-elect Donald Trump shocked the world last night. In an election that political pundits claimed to be hopeless, he won “bigly.” But if you look at the entire election, from the atmosphere before he announced he was running till election night yesterday, it is really not surprising that Trump won. What was hardest for most people to do was to simply believe that he could.

Around the world, the political pendulum is swinging to the right. Despite the media and what people think voters should stand for, it is clear that there is a push for less centralized government. And in America, a country  and that was founded on this very principle, it is easy to see why it would happen in this country. Voters feel like the government is getting too big. They feel like the political machine in Washington, DC was getting too big and too powerful. Given this context, Hillary Clinton was the candidate that most represented the very idea voters were tired of seeing. Clinton is definition career politician. She has built a fortune simply by being a public servant, and making money from the insights she can give to the private sector. On top of that, there were accounts that the Clinton Foundation was more of a way for her to take money and give favors in return. The very rejection of this idea was first challenged by Bernie Sanders and his supporters. That rejection would not just disappear after the primary was over. And during Donald Trump’s primary, he built his message on being the antithesis of a Washington insider. So when he went up against Clinton, that message resonated even more strongly.

Because of the political environment, and because of people being tired of the media and the idea of the political establishment, Trump really was the only person who could beat Hillary Clinton. One stat shows that 52% of Trump’s voters voted for him in order to vote against Clinton. Trump is such the opposite of Clinton, that those who dislike her knew they would be getting the furthest thing from her if they voted for Trump. The writing has been on the wall for this whole election. Even though the polls showed a different outcome, the reality was very different. People want change. Clinton represents no change. Because Trump is such an outsider, with no political experience except for donating to candidates, he definitely will bring change. And whether this change is good or not is a risk clearly voters thought was worth taking.

Trump won the primary when it was thought impossible. He beat out 16 typical GOP candidates, and that was for a reason. That reason carried through to the general election, and now, he will be the 45th president.