November 08

It’s Your Choice

We are now officially in the final countdown of what seemed like a never ending presidential election. Hopefully by tonight, we will have the know the future president of the United States. After all of the campaign attack ads, fundraisers, speeches, rallies, press conferences, town halls, and debates, it is finally time for the voter to decide. Many Americans, of course, have already sent in their ballots, but today is the final day to get out the vote and decide the future four years of this country.

As these candidates have been majorly polarizing, many people have decided not to vote at all. But voting, is actually a privilege. People across the world fight for this right. To be able to have a say in the type of leadership, policies, and likely decisions is a power in of itself. If you hate both the candidates, find the one that you hate the least, and get out and vote for them.

Elections seem to be about the candidate, but they are actually about you. The candidate spends time and money trying to convince you that you should support them. This is a powerful position to be in, to be able to cast a vote and make an impact on history. Your vote matters, not matter what. Your voice in this democracy is the very fabric of our nation, and what makes America the country that it is. Do not let the media and the negative attack ads shy you away from this gift, use it.