November 07

The Final Moments

It is almost impossible to believe that we are down to the final countdown for the 2016 presidential election. By Wednesday morning, either Donald Trump of Hillary Clinton will be the next president. Let that sit in for a second.

And in these final days, it is safe to say that these might be the two most polarizing candidates in recent history. In fact, they are so polarizing, that most people have said they refuse to vote at all. For those who support Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is the White House is the apocalypse. And for those who support Donald Trump, they think the same thing about Clinton. The end of America, for many people, lies on November 9th depending on who gets the coveted seat in the Oval Office.

This weekend, Clinton and Trump have been traveling around, trying to rally up the vote and get people on their side in the final hours. Clinton has been surrounded by celebrity VIP, while Trump has held the same type of rallies he has held from the beginning.

Clinton is sending the message of fear to her followers. On social media, she has shown polls that Trump is gaining momentum, and that the race is within his reach. She is asking everyone to pitch in to help in these final days. The Clinton campaign will need the money, as they are paying for Lyfts in some places to drive voters to the polls on Election Day. That is how badly she wants voters to get out and vote for her.

Trump, on the other hand, is sending a message of optimism. He is telling his supporters that victory is within reach, that they are at the end, and that it is time to drain the Washington, DC swamp. His rallies have been relatively the same as they have always been. Trump has been emphasizing the Clinton email scandal, and saying that she should not be allowed to run at all. The Republican candidate benefited greatly from FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that he was re-opening the email investigation on Hillary Clinton. Today, however, it was revealed the emails were nothing noteworthy, and the case was again closed. The timing of this announcement greatly benefits Clinton right before the election, but unfortunately, it might be too late. Clinton’s poll numbers dropped significantly after Comey’s first announcement, and Trump gained some serious momentum. So much so, that the tune of the whole race changed, and people started to say that Trump did have a chance. On Friday, Clinton’s electoral college number dropped below 270, and it appeared the two were neck and neck.

Now, there is one full campaign day left until the polls open. Both candidates will be trying to get voters to turn out on election day, and decide they want that person to be president. The big challenge for both of these candidates will be getting those who have decided to not vote at all to change their mind. A lot can change between now and Election Day, and in a crazy election, there might still be a curveball that will change everything.