November 05

Getting Out the Vote

After over a year of campaigning, of rallies and speeches, the most crucial part of the time and energy spent all comes down to the next few days: getting out the vote. The whole point of these long campaign seasons, of traveling all across the country and raising millions of dollars from donors is to get Americans to head to the polls, and choose you on election day.

For the past few weeks, the message has shifted from straight attacks or policy swings, to simply asking, begging, voters to go out and vote and to get their friends to do the same. Clinton in particular has narrowed her message, utilized her celebrity rolodex, and is trying her best to get people to head to the polls and choose her name. From Beyonce to Miley Cyrus to Jennifer Lopez, Clinton is doing everything she can to encourage people, especially her young base, to go out and vote.
Which, in this election, might be the make or break for either candidate. These are arguably the two least popular candidates in recent history. Because of this, many voters may feel inclined to sit home on election day. And then, you have Donald Trump. His base will most likely come out and vote for him very enthusiastically, but those who hate him will do the exact same. A recent New York Times poll showed his base is more excited for him than Clinton’s is for her.
MIllions of Americans have already voted, but it will all come down to Tuesday. The polls have tightened, showing that this will be a tough race. But the polls only go so far, and it is impossible to tell what will happen on election day. Given the tumultuous campaigns, the numerous events, and the strong reaction to both candidates, it is hard to know at this point who the winner will be. And if people do not get out and vote, the race is even more up in the air because it will rely on who has a stronger, more energized base. The candidates will spend the next few days traveling around purple states, trying to tip the odds in their favor. But at this point, the race is truly neck and neck. The crazy election cycle, full of unpredictable events, is only a couple of days from being over.