Monthly Archives: October 2016

October 12

“Enough of the pussyfooting around”

Kellyanne Conway chose an interesting term when she described the recent exodus of top GOP politicians from Trump. She said on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” that “we want the support of anybody who’s going to publicly endorse us. But enough of the pussyfooting around in terms of, you know, do you support us or do […]

October 11

Inside Trump’s Twitter Response to GOP

Donald Trump is responding to the recent Republican pull out in his favorite way-Tweets. The Republican nominee addressed the fact that many high ranking, nationally known GOP politicians have openly said they will not vote for the candidate. Trump, who is clearly upset, spun it to be positive-and present himself for what he has always […]

October 11

Trump vs. Establishment

Republican lawmakers are dropping from Republican candidate Donald Trump like flies. But the real question is whether or not they were ever really for Donald Trump in the first place. The headlines about Paul Ryan invoke a tone of surprise. This, of course, is about the news that Ryan would no longer be campaigning for […]

October 10

What Will Paul Ryan Do About Trump?

The Speaker of the House is one of the highest positions of leadership in politics. The Speaker is fourth in line to the Oval Office, and is the leader of the legislative branch of government. So, for a general election, the Speaker of the House is very important for the party they are a part […]

October 10

Could the GOP Pick A New Nominee?

Over two dozen GOP elites have pulled their support away from Donald Trump. Even those closest to the candidate are having a hard time defending his most recent campaign scandal. After the Washington Post leaked a video of Trump making some extremely lewd remarks about women, the Republican Party has officially been put between a […]

October 09

Trump’s Apology

At the second presidential debate, it is expected Anderson Cooper will lead it by addressing the elephant in the room-both literally and figuratively. Friday, the Washington Post published a video that captured a not so great hot mic moment for Donald Trump. The video had Trump talking disrespectfully about women, and the result has been […]

October 09

Donald Trump Under Fire

For many Republicans, Donald Trump’s most recent scandal was the last straw. Almost every Republican politician condemned the statements made on a hot mic from 11 years ago, where Trump was talking in disrespectful way towards women. The Washington Post, which hired a team of investigative journalists to dig up information on Trump, published the […]