October 31

Voting Regrets

As of October 29th, 12.6 million Americans had already decided who they want to be the next POTUS, and voted for them. But then, the ulimate October surprise landed on media outlets around the country. FBI Director had an announcement that shook the political world to its core. In a letter to Congress, he said the FBI was reopening its investigation into the Hillary Clinton emails.

This was a topic that was thought to be closed in July. In a press conference, Comey said the FBI would not indite the Democrat candidate. This sparked a lot of controversy. Especially with just eleven days left until the election. The Daily Mail reported that Comey had faced a lot of pressure from colleagues over his decision to not indite Clinton, and he received a lot of resignation letters. The latest emails come from a different case involving Former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Weiner is under investigation for allegedly knowing he was sending inapproporiate messages to a 15 year old girl. His laptop was taken, and the FBI was informed there were emails from his wife Huma Abedin that related to their case. Abedin is Clinton’s right hand woman, and there are supposedly over 600,000 emails that the FBI will now have to go through. With a week left until the election, Clinton is only ahead by a point in the average of national polls. Before this news broke, she was coasting her way to what she thought would be an easy victory. Now, the election is back in a tight race.

Which is why Fox News reported that you can change your vote if you have already voted in some states. The race was thought to be over after Trump’s hot mic moment, but now, to many Americans, this might be worse. If you are in the state of Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, or Michigan, you can actually changed your vote.

This election has been full of ups and downs, and as we enter the final week of a crazy year, there are still many undecided voters. But now, there are voters who may have voting regret, and could possibly change their vote. There is still a lot that could happen in a week- especially as Wikileaks hints at another email dump. Clinton is now only ahead by a little, and losing grounds in key swing states. So much can change in a day, let alone a week, that it is impossible to determine who will be the winner next Wednesday morning.