October 28

The Trump Wrecking Ball

There are two weeks left until the general election. Two years ago, if someone told you the state America would be in at this many time, it would seem unbelievable. But here we are, Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, and a historical candidate at that. The real estate billionaire turned reality star has enough skeletons in his closet to deter any normal person from ever seeking public office. But Donald Trump is not a normal person, and has created more scandals while running for president that his past has relatively been forgotten. And then you have Hillary Clinton, despite being the only presidential candidate who has been fingerprinted by the FBI, and whom many people find to be the most corrupt candidate ever, is the leader for the Democrat Party.

But as we enter the home stretch for a tumultuous campaign cycle, these are the only two options. While Clinton is very much a text book candidate, Trump has been a total wild car, and a total wrecking ball. By the November 9th, the Republican Party may change completely. Donald Trump, therefore, will be the soul destroyer of the Republican Party as we knew it. But this could be a good thing.

Throughout the election, there has been a strong Trump Train versus Never Trump movement happening on social media. As the race got more intense, the factions became more pronounced. Politicians like Jeb Bush stepped away from the Republican front-runner, whereas New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stood right by his side. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan could not first decide, but now, has also stepped away from Trump. He now may face a tough time in Congress if he wants to keep his leadership position in the House. So the result is those who are with Trump, those who are against Trump, and after November 8th, the two sides will point the finger of blame at each other.

If Trump loses, the GOP establishment will blame the Trump movement for disrupting what should have been a very easily won election. If Trump wins, he will blast any non-supporter as a politician of the past. Both sides are taking a gamble when it comes to supporting or not supporting Trump. If Trump loses, he will most likely start a TV channel that his millions of voters will watch, and stay loyal to.

The potential outcomes of the election show that the GOP really may never come together again. The division seems too strong, that the GOP seems to need to just hit the re-start button, and totally redefine what it means to be part of the party. There will need to be a major reshuffling of the political party. Political leaders will lose their elections, and new leaders will emerge. With eleven days left, Trump is officially the wrecking ball that has torn up the GOP. But from this state, the party can rebuild a cohesive image that can finally incorporate the different factions.

It’s time to start over. And because of Trump, we can.