October 26

Trump’s Hollywood Star Destroyed

The left likes to talk about Trump’s supporters’ love of violence, and quotes Michelle Obama’s “when they go low, we go high,” to show that this is an inclusive, peaceful party .But Trump and his supporters have a growing list of actions towards them, or their property, during this campaign that seem more low than high. A North Carolina GOP office was firebombed, Trump supporters have been attacked at rallies, and now, Trump’s star has been destroyed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Deadline first reported the destruction of the Hollywood star. James Otis, who used a sledgehammer on the star, said he wanted to auction the star for money, that he would then give to the women who accused Trump of sexual assault.

The Hollywood star has been a counterpoint for reaction towards Trump throughout the Apprentice star’s campaign. In January, a swastika was spray painted on it. In June, a mute symbol was spray painted on it. And in July, a barbed wire mock fence was put around it.