October 24

Is It Over For Trump?

The final days of the election are here. In what seemed like a campaign season that would never end, it is, in fact, ending. And as it ends, many people are throwing their hats in as they think the outcome is already determined: Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

If you look at the polls and the electoral college map, that would seem to be the case. But Donald Trump and his team believe there is a chance. Trump has said over and over again that the system is rigged against him. From the start, he has pointed fingers at the media. But as we get closer to the election, he is more emphatic that the system is working against him. Trump said in a tweet, “we are winning and the press is refusing to report it. Don’t let them fool you-get out and vote! #DrainTheSwamp on November 8th!

Trump has talked about DC corruption over and over again, and his supporters believe him. Trump also said he would only accept the results of the election, if he wins. This has led to many people thinking he will somehow contest the election results.

But in comparison, Hillary Clinton is acting like she has already won. She said in Philadelphia last night that millions of Americans are coming together to vote against Trump, and to vote for Hillary Clinton. Polls show Hillary up by double digits, but other polls show Trump up.

As POLITICO reported, “no presidential candidate since the advent of modern polling has overcome the sort of deficits Trump faces nationally-where he trails Clinton by an average of 5.9 points- and in swing states with two weeks to go in an election.” And as many Republican leaders have shown, this is widely believed in political circles. Pollsters and political consultants believe it is over. Politicians also believe it is over, and are now worried about the GOP majority in the senate.

Trump and his supporters, however, think that the polls are different than the reality. The Republican candidate is spreading this message, that is catching like wild fire. We cannot expect Donald Trump to go down without a fight. His supporters are calling this Brexit 2.0, and believe the results of election day will be different than the polls.

In such a tumultuous election cycle, you cannot expect it to end without some new drama. There is the chance that Wikileaks is waiting to make its final email dump right before the election. Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law also hinted there might be another October surprise. There is also the chance that people will not get out and vote on election day. There is also the chance that Clinton will win, and Trump will refuse to go down without a fight. The race is not over until it’s over, and with this election, it might not even be over after election day.