October 10

Could the GOP Pick A New Nominee?

Over two dozen GOP elites have pulled their support away from Donald Trump. Even those closest to the candidate are having a hard time defending his most recent campaign scandal. After the Washington Post leaked a video of Trump making some extremely lewd remarks about women, the Republican Party has officially been put between a rock and a hard place.

While Donald Trump has been very forthright with his loud personality, and never tried to stay away from offensive comments, the RNC has been playing clean up. But the real crux of the matter is that Donald Trump’s supporters, no matter what the candidate does, continue to stand with him. And to them, a RNC betrayal would mean that they left the Republican Party. Even though Trump’s comments are considered wrong, he won the votes he needed for the primary and to qualify him to be the nominee fair and square. So really, the question is why do these voters continue to support him, and how does the party move forward?

One way would be to put a new candidate on the ticket. One way would be to ask the Electoral College to cast votes for their own representative.

While Americans vote, it is up to the Electoral College to have the final say. Representatives in the Electoral College cast their official votes based normally on what the popular vote is. But in this case, and in this context, the representatives could cast their vote for a write in. Voters technically vote for their electoral college representative who then votes for the person who becomes president. This is why there is so much emphasis on winning certain states, because it gives the candidate those representatives. It is also the reason that purple states are so important.

There are 270 electoral votes needed to become president. If the GOP really thinks Trump has absolutely no chance, they could pull support from him and find some backdoor ways to elect their own president.

This scenario seems to be pretty unrealistic, but it is possible. There would be some serious backlash, especially from the Republican voters who adamantly support Trump.

The Republican Party is on the brink of collapse, as GOP party leaders separate from Trump supporters. How it will be rebuild, remains to be seen.