October 09

Trump’s Apology

At the second presidential debate, it is expected Anderson Cooper will lead it by addressing the elephant in the room-both literally and figuratively. Friday, the Washington Post published a video that captured a not so great hot mic moment for Donald Trump. The video had Trump talking disrespectfully about women, and the result has been an all out firestorm. Trump’s biggest enemies (like the Huffington Post) are calling him to step down and to “bury” his race. Two dozen top GOP politicians have pulled their support away from Trump. And for what seems like the first time in his whole campaign, Trump actually apologized.

And tonight, he is expected to apologize again. But this time, there may not be time to prove that he really means what he said. After so many moments that seemed like Trump had crossed the line, this might actually be the time. And the reason we know this, is that Trump has actually apologized. He had not apologized for the Gold Star family feud, Alicia Machado comments, McCain comments- the list goes on, but one think Trump has that his supporters like is that the candidate is so unapologetic.

Trump’s supporters will remain true to him, but he now has to convince that ten percent margin that he deserves their vote. After something like this happens, it is more hard to sell yourself, even for a a self-proclained salesman.

During the debate, Trump is expected to apologize once again. We know that Clinton is going to use this time to go after Trump, and present herself as the champion for women. But we also know that the formerly reserved Trump at the last debate will be much different tonight, and that he is going to go after every Bill Clinton scandal there has been.