October 04

What to Expect at the VP Debate

Compared to the first presidential debate, the VP debate tonight is expected to be extremely less eventful. CNN will host the only Vice President debate. This is the chance for the VP’s to sell their running mate. So the question is, who will be the better salesman?

Senator Kaine and Governor Pence are pretty similar running mates. Their demeanor is very much agreeable, and there is nothing outrageous compared to the notorious actions of both Clinton and Trump. Kaine represents progressive Democrats, and is a popular senator from a purple state. Kaine represents conservative Republicans, and is also a popular politician amongst party leaders.

Tonight will be about highlighting the best qualities of their candidate, and trying to shed light away from the skeletons in both their closets. The first presidential debate was a stalemate turned into a political freak out. Polls showed equally that Trump won or Clinton won, depending on who conducted them. Political pundits who support either candidate also declared victory. The Alicia Machado spectacle afterwards either further emphasized to Hillary supporters that Trump is sexist, or to Trump supporters that Hillary will make any person a political pawn-even a former porn star. Basically, the pendulum barely swung after the first debate.

In national polls, Clinton is ahead by 5 points. But from someone who was so conceited after the debate, you would think she would be higher. The VP’s will be able to go in and actively sell their running mates tonight. Both are fully aware of policies, and both are good on stage. Pence, whose son is a marine, should emphasize Benghazi, and Clinton’s failure to respond on that issue. Kaine should emphasize Trump’s tax plan, and his desire to cheat the system.

This election has been full of wild cards, so while we think tonight might be totally uneventful, as these campaigns have shown-you just never know.