September 28

Hillary’s Entitlement

Hillary Clinton spoke in New Hampshire, where she asked the crowd of Hillary supporters if they had watched the debate last night. They obviously had, or pretended they had. She then laughed and said, “one down, two to go.”

This comment is pretty loaded. First of all, it shows that Clinton clearly thinks she won the debate, and by a landslide. “Two to go” implies she thinks she has the other two in the bag. So in Hillary’s world, the debates, and pretty much the election, are already won.

We saw this same sort of entitlement when Hillary was up against Bernie Sanders in the primary. Before Sanders had even suspended his campaign, Clinton changed her tactic to attacking Trump. While she should have at least pretended she was in a primary race with another Democratic candidate, she went straight ahead to the general election fight. And now, despite polls that showed viewers think Donald Trump won the debate, she is acting like the first one was a cake walk, and expects the second to be the same.

Clinton seemed to think the debate so informal, that she called Donald Trump “Donald” instead of Mr. Trump. If he did the same to her, the reaction would have been much different.

While Clinton is ahead in some polls, the race is not over until it is over. There are a lot of unknown factors that could come into play before November 8th. Furthermore, the reaction to the debate seems to be evenly split in pro Trump and pro Hillary winners. When you surround yourself with people who support you, and only watch media that supports you, it is easy to think you have already won.

The same goes for both sides. This race is no where near decided. So it is important for both the candidates to remember this as they continue on the campaign trail.