September 28

Alicia Machado Goes Low

Many Democrats like to quote Michelle Obama, saying that unlike Donald Trump, when he goes low, they “go high.”

So Alicia Machado grabbed the national stage when Hillary Clinton told her story. She said Donald Trump called the former Miss Universe “Miss Piggy”and “Miss Housekeeping.” Clinton features the Miss Universe in a campaign, where she talks about how horrible of a person Trump is. The point is to attract women or hispanic votes, as most women can sympathize what it is like to be bullied for physical appearance.

Machado had a point that was hard to argue. While Miss Universe, is of course a beauty pageant and appearance does matter, there is no justification for Trump calling her names for it.

But the hypocrisy is that Machado has dealt the blows right back-criticizing Donald Trump’s wife for her appearance. Machado said about Melania Trump, “I think I speak more English than her. I don’t see anything about this girl. She’s a doll. She’s a decoration. That is how I see her.”

So Donald Trump cannot make negative comments about someone’s appearance, but Machado can? If she is arguing against the way men talk about women, why is it okay for women to do the same?

Clinton has used the former Miss Universe as her latest attack against Donald Trump. But the words Machado then used to describe Trump’s wife completely negate her political voice. Instead of going after Trump, she goes after Trump’s wife solely off her appearance without saying anything else to describe her.

It seems like when “they go low,” these Democrats go even lower.