September 27

Polls Show Trump Wins

It is expected that after the first presidential debate, everyone will have some sort of an opinion. The morning shows were full of clips last night, with various political commentators making an appearance to prove their point. But while these people have different opinions of who won versus who lost, at the end of the day, all that matters is what the American people think.

We cannot possibly know who will win or who will love come November 8th, but polls do give us some sort of a clue. While they, of course, are not 100%, they give an opinion from a sample audience which is better than nothing. And from the polls last night, it appears Donald Trump won the first debate.

Here is the list:

Time (1.4M votes) Trump 53- Clinton 47

Fortune (600K) Trump 52- Clinton 48

CNBC (750K) Trump 65- Clinton 35

CBS NY (85K) Trump 60- Clinton 40

Public Policy Polling Trump 40- Clinton 51

Slate Trump 54- Clinton 46

CNN Trump 27- Clinton 62

So while Clinton won some polls, for the way many political pundits are talking about the debate last night, it was definitely not a slam dunk for Clinton. And in fact, it appears Trump had the upper hand.

Clinton failed to slam Trump on the policies- and instead, was the one to offer the low blows. Furthermore, Lester Holt has been criticized for clearly letting Clinton off of many hard questions, and instead, saving those for Trump. Clinton constantly attacked Trump’s demeanor as being unfit for president. And last night, she may have tried to arouse some sort of reaction in him. She called him “Donald” instead of Mr. Trump; even though he made sure to ask if it was okay for him to call her Secretary Clinton.