September 26

The Debate Countdown

The long anticipated debate is finally here. Tonight, a record amount of viewers are expected to tune in to see two of the most controversial candidates in history take the stage. In a charged campaign, we can expect tonight to be full of curve balls and one line thrillers, as the two opponents finally meet face to face, and are finally given the chance to prove why voters should give them their vote on November 8th.

While the pressure was originally thought to be all on Donald Trump, the tables have turned, and now, political eyes are focused on Clinton. Liberal talk show pundit, Piers Morgan said, “All the pressure is on Hillary tonight and if she wobbles, wavers, or walks into a Trump right hook, you can start counting her out.”

After a tumultuous August for Trump, he turned his campaign around at the same time Hillary’s health seemed to fail her. While there have been many conspiracy theories that Hillary Clinton is sick, her rapid departure from the 9/11 memorial service, with a video that looked like she lost consciousness, fueled the fire and greatly hurt her image. At the same time Trump’s poll numbers increased in coveted swing states like Ohio, and he focused on the economy and the corrupt nature of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has spent most of her campaign talking about how unfit Trump is to be president. She has focused on this as a point of her attacks more than his actual policies. Because of this, she will have to try and keep this argument while also presenting her own plan for America’s future- a balance that may be hard to do in a ninety minute debate setting. Secondly, she better hope she is actually better. Standing for ninety minutes without a commercial break will help her prove that she is not actually ill. But if she is, then this atmosphere might be hard on her health. If she shows any signs of physical weakness on the campaign stage, it will be extremely hard to justify.

Trump hired Roger Ailes as a prep consultant for this debate. Ailes is the mastermind behind the Fox News empire, and one thing he definitely knows how to do is get viewers on board. Both candidates are going to feel the pressure tonight. They are neck and neck in the polls, and will use tonight to really get that edge they need to break away before the final month stretch. There is so much pressure, that Clinton’s campaign has asked the campaign moderator to fact check Trump in real time. They say it is not fair for her to have to do this and for her to then also present her policies. But what that really seems like is that they are nervous for tonight’s results. Trump built his fame on television, and knowing how to work the camera. Like the Nixon Kennedy debates, the one that works the camera better, wins.