September 22

Trump Pivots to African American Voters

Donald Trump is not known as a candidate with a strong appeal to African American voters. Polls show nationwide that Trump is way behind with this demographic than his competitor, Hillary Clinton. So this is why, with less than two months left until the campaign, Trump is making his pitch.

And what is his tagline? It’s “what do you have to lose?” Trump spoke to a predominantly black church in Cleveland, Ohio, and said the situation is increasingly worse and worse for this community. He campaigned with his longtime friend, Don King, who said Trump was the only “gladiator” who would get in “the ring.”

Trump spoke about the lives of the black community- how in these communities, there are no jobs or there are low paying jobs. He asked everyone to ask themselves if their lives were better after eight years of a Democrat president. He promised the community that he will create jobs, and of course, good paying jobs.

As racial tensions erupt across the country, and protesters take to the streets, this is a time for a Republican to reach out to this community and ask exactly what Trump asked, “what do you have to lose?” Trump promised the crowd that he is not a normal type of Republican, and that he is their guy. After eight years of Obama, the same results can be expected from Hillary Clinton. If Trump can successfully make his case to the African American voters, he might have that edge he needs over Clinton. And of course, since he is a wildcard candidate, he could potentially improve the lives, and the rights, of these voters.