September 15

Clinton Pops Out New Book

Hillary Clinton popped out a new book titled, “Stronger Together.” She co-authored the book with her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine. The book is supposed to lay out their policy plans in detail, and give Americans, and most importantly on the fence voters, answers to any questions they may have on why Hillary Clinton is their choice.

Clinton’s campaign slogan gradually shifted from “I’m with Her,” to “Stronger Together.” Clinton paints herself as the antithesis to Donald Trump. While Trump takes a hardline on immigration, Clinton paints the picture that she is the candidate who “builds bridges, not walls.”

While Clinton promoted the book before she left the campaign trail after fainting at the World Trade Center, the book sales are not looking great for the Democratic candidate. In the first week, the book sold less than 3,000 copies. In contrast, President Obama’s books while he was running for president, these numbers are not looking great for Clinton, especially when it comes to her popularity.

Clinton faces a tough election with Donald Trump this November. After a tough week, these numbers are a bad indication for the overall feeling towards Clinton’s campaign. Clinton is facing skepticism over her health, after she appeared to have passed out at the memorial ceremony. Before this, there were many conspiracy theories floating around the Internet that Clinton is sick. While her campaign promises this is pneumonia, some voters are worried it was not just dehydration.

The latest poll numbers show this will be a very tight race. Clinton will have to play catch up when she returns to the campaign trail.