September 12

Trump Jumps on Clinton’s “Basket of Deplorables” Statement

Donald Trump quickly jumped on Hillary Clinton’s latest description of his supporters. At a fundraiser, Clinton said that half of Trump’s supporters were what she likes to call “basket of deplorables.” She continued that they were racists, Xenophobics, Islamophobics, sexists, et cettera.

As the potential future Commander in Chief, you can imagine the reaction many voters might feel. Especially from someone who runs a platform on inclusivity. Clinton, however, said that while this was a generalization, she would not stop calling out what Trump’s hateful campaign. The irony, however, is that by Clinton grouping a quarter of America into a “basket of deplorables,” she has done the same thing that she claims Trump does. She says that her style is different, but making generalizations like this is the same finger pointing, divisive language that she promises will not happen if she is in the White House.

Donald Trump’s campaign quickly jumped on Clinton’s statement. Jason Miller, Trump’s Senior Communications Advisor, wrote, “These highly offensive and divisive comments reveal the contempt and disgust for everyday Americans that Hillary Clinton has hoped to hide by avoiding press and running the least-transparent campaign in modern political history.”

A political attack ad will air in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida. These are key battleground states for the election. Trump is leading in some national polls, but needs these purple states to beat Clinton in the general election.