September 08

Trump Struggles in Purple States

While Donald Trump has had a good week so far when it comes to national polls, individual states are not looking as great for the Republican candidate. Especially, crucial swing states.

While there is still time for Trump to make a major comeback-especially as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said the site will reveal some more hard truths about Hillary Clinton and her campaign- Trump is seriously down in some polls that are crucial for the general election. Virginia, where Senator Tim Kaine is from, seems now like it will most definitely vote blue. Colorado and New Hampshire are next on the list.

Swing states, otherwise known as purple states, are a fundamental part of winning any presidential election. While states like Texas and California are known to vote a certain party, these states rely on Independent voters, or Undecided voters, that change for the candidate every year. Because of this unknown outcome, the final days of a candidate’s race are spent in states like Pennsylvania or Florida.

Trump has barely spent money on attack ads in these crucial states. With less than two months left until November 8th election day, he will have to make an impact in a big way to sway voters to his side. Even if Trump won the popular vote, he needs the electoral votes to get into that coveted Oval Office. The Trump campaign is going to have to stop relying on their loyal supporters that are definitely voting for him, and instead, reach out to that small percentage who could be swayed.