September 06

Trump Tops Clinton in National Polls

A few weeks ago, political commentators decried it was over for Donald Trump. After a Twitter comment about Khizr Khan, father to a slain American soldier, went viral, Trump saw his poll numbers drastically plummet.

In the latest poll for the General Election Trump is at 45 while Clinton is at 43. While this is a national poll, which is not as accurate as state by state, it shows that the dark days of Trump’s campaign may be over.

All eyes will turn to the September 26th debate at Hofstra University. This will be the first time Clinton and Trump will be face to face. There will be no teleprompter to help with slogan lines, and the candidates will be left to their own defenses. Both campaigns know that while this campaign will not be a nail in the coffin for the final stretch of the longest election cycle, it will definitely give a major lead to either one of the candidates.

Donald Trump has made sure to broadcast this most recent national poll on his Twitter. After a tough August, Trump rebooted his campaign team, again. He pulled Stephen Bannon from Breitbart News, and Kellyanne Conway to help with his message. Conway said that if Clinton could not seal the deal during these darkest moments of his campaign, she had not hope of beating him now.