September 01

Trump Doubles Down on Immigration

Donald Trump blazed onto the campaign trail with a promise to build a wall, and take a hard line on immigration. While immigration has been a long recurring issue in Washington, DC, there are many Americans who want some serious change when it comes to this issue. This means no amnesty. Republicans have been split on this topic for years. The last real effort for immigration reform was the Gang of Eight bill that passed the Senate but got no traction in the House. This bill seemed to weak for constituents who want a hard response to this problem.

So Donald Trump made a huge impact when he openly attacked Mexico for sending “criminals and racists,” and promised to build a wall. But more importantly, he quickly gained a large amount of voters who are adamant that they want no amnesty.

While this has been Trump’s campaign cry, he appeared to soften down on immigration, which appeared to be a flip on the issue. His response was to travel to Mexico, and meet with President Nieto. Then, he traveled to Arizona where he very clearly laid out his immigration plan- clearing up a lot of contradictory statements and confusion.

The bottom line is he wants deportation for the “2 million” illegal criminals residing in the United States. Trump promised to create a “deportation task force” to do this job. He also promised no amnesty, and no visas for countries with inadequate screening.

Basically, Trump took his hardest line yet on immigration. After he praised his meeting with President Nieto, Nieto said Trump fabricated some of the details. Birth clarified that he never told Trump he would pay for the wall.

With two months left until the November election, the candidate usually swings more to the center than to the far right or left. This seemed to be what Trump was doing last week, but he made sure to clarify his position this week and again take a hard stance on this issue. While voters appeal to the more moderate, Independent voters, the polls will show if this tactic worked.