Monthly Archives: September 2016

September 29

Congress Overrides Veto

Congress voted to override President Obama’s veto, passing a bill into a law that will allow families affected by the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia. After the 9/11 attacks, President Bush passed a law that protected the Saudi government from lawsuits from families of loved ones affected by 9/11. Many saw this as unjustified, […]

September 28

Alicia Machado Goes Low

Many Democrats like to quote Michelle Obama, saying that unlike Donald Trump, when he goes low, they “go high.” So Alicia Machado grabbed the national stage when Hillary Clinton told her story. She said Donald Trump called the former Miss Universe “Miss Piggy”and “Miss Housekeeping.” Clinton features the Miss Universe in a campaign, where she […]

September 28

Hillary’s Entitlement

Hillary Clinton spoke in New Hampshire, where she asked the crowd of Hillary supporters if they had watched the debate last night. They obviously had, or pretended they had. She then laughed and said, “one down, two to go.” This comment is pretty loaded. First of all, it shows that Clinton clearly thinks she won […]

September 27

Polls Show Trump Wins

It is expected that after the first presidential debate, everyone will have some sort of an opinion. The morning shows were full of clips last night, with various political commentators making an appearance to prove their point. But while these people have different opinions of who won versus who lost, at the end of the […]

September 26

The Debate Countdown

The long anticipated debate is finally here. Tonight, a record amount of viewers are expected to tune in to see two of the most controversial candidates in history take the stage. In a charged campaign, we can expect tonight to be full of curve balls and one line thrillers, as the two opponents finally meet […]

September 22

Cruz Hints at Trump Endorsement

Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump’s standoff was one of the highest points of tension at the Republican National Convention. We saw what was once a buddy type of relationship at the beginning of the primary election turn extremely ugly, as Trump and Cruz hit each other way below the belt. Before the convention, it […]

September 22

Trump Pivots to African American Voters

Donald Trump is not known as a candidate with a strong appeal to African American voters. Polls show nationwide that Trump is way behind with this demographic than his competitor, Hillary Clinton. So this is why, with less than two months left until the campaign, Trump is making his pitch. And what is his tagline? […]

September 21

Hilary Clinton’s Campaign Cash

With less than two months until the presidential elections, both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton’s campaigns are expected to increase campaign spending-especially for attack ads. But for Hillary Clinton, it seems impossible she could find a way to spend even more money. The AP reported that the Clinton campaign spent $50 million on her campaign […]

September 16

Gary Johnson’s Splash

There is always a great fear from a major party candidate of a third party candidate taking votes. Ross Perot is the famous case that many blame as the reason George P. Bush did not win his second term as president. And when Donald Trump first declared he was running for the Republican nomination, there […]

September 15

Clinton Pops Out New Book

Hillary Clinton popped out a new book titled, “Stronger Together.” She co-authored the book with her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine. The book is supposed to lay out their policy plans in detail, and give Americans, and most importantly on the fence voters, answers to any questions they may have on why Hillary Clinton is […]