Monthly Archives: August 2016

August 05

Insiders Want Trump Out

For months now, there has been a conspiracy theory growing. And even though sometimes it is put to rest, the same theory seems to keep rearing its head back up, returning questions and speculation. The conspiracy theory is this: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will be the next president of the United States. This […]

August 05

The Most Significant Part of the Melania Speech Hysteria

Melania Trump gave a knockout speech her first night of the Republican National Convention. Donald Trump popped in early just to introduce her. She looked stunning, and captivated the crowd. The focus was immigration, and her love for this country. As immigration is definitely one of Trump’s most hot topic issues, she is an asset […]

August 05

Trump and Pence Play Good Cop, Bad Cop

Donald Trump said that he likes to be unpredictable, and he is bringing that theme to his own running mate and their election platform. In another hard week for Trump in the media, the business billionaire found himself backed against the wall, and immediately struck out against all GOP politicians who spoke out against him. […]

August 03

Why the GOP Meltdown is a Good Thing

Throughout this entire election cycle, it seems that everyday there was an increase in drama or a new crazy event. As most election seasons are packed with 24/7 political coverage and political predictions, this one is on a whole other level. We can almost all agree that the reason, is definitely Donald Trump. Trump’s larger […]

August 02

How the GOP Took the Bait

Even after Donald Trump officially accepted the nomination, as is without a doubt now the Republican candidate, Republicans seem to be doing their best to take him out. And even though they might say they are fighting against Hillary Clinton, by doing this against their own candidate, they are doing a pretty good job putting […]