August 23

Trump’s New Trump Card

Donald Trump made a strategic campaign move, and it has paid off. Following a rough few weeks and plummeting polls, many people thought the nail in the coffin was his new hires. Stephen Bannon, a cofounder of Breitbart News, was brought in as his new CEO. Kellyanne Conway, a pollster, was brought in as Campaign Manager. This happened as Paul Manafort offered his resignation after new revelations showed he has some sketchy ties with Ukraine and Russia.

So while there really seemed no way for Trump to turn his campaign around, and while people focused on horrendous poll numbers-so high, that Clinton suspended her ads in key states-Trump pulled his most strategic move yet. Because of a natural disaster, there is hope again for the Trump campaign.

Trump was the first big name to head down to Louisiana. The pictures in the news showed President Obama enjoying a luxurious vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, and Clinton was absent from the campaign trail. Here was Donald Trump’s chance, and most likely because of his new employees, he took it. Pictures emerged of him giving supplies, and headlines talked about his donation to a church. Even Samuel L Jackson tried to find some way to bring this trip down-and he could not find one. He tweeted about Trump handing out toys, but the replies were that children lost everything, so what’s wrong with toys?

So now, a week later, when President Obama finally heads down to Louisiana, Trump has an easy answer: “too little, too late!” He said that Obama should have been down to the state days ago “instead of golfing.”

Trump now has a Trump card again, and will be able to use the point as reference in campaigns, and in future attack ads. While it seemed like the race was over just last week, Trump proved he is very much back in the game.