August 22

Democrats Find New Point of Attack

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager is making a new campaign pivot. It involved Donald Trump, and it involves the Kremlin.

Robby Mook went on ABC’s This Week and said Donald Trump “is just a puppet for the Kremlin in this race.”

George Stephanopoulous clarified, asking, “You’re saying Donald Trump is a puppet for the Kremlin?”

While there are no hard facts to back this statement up, Mook said that financial information should be disclosed.

Donald Trump became linked to Vladimir Putin after he jokingly responded after the DNC Wikileaks, asking Russia to find Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails. This soon turned into an attack point from the Democrats, stating that Trump has ties to Putin and Russia, and that is the reason he will not release his tax returns.

Then, there were revelations that Paul Manafort, now Trump’s former campaign director, had ties to Russia. Manafort worked for the Ukrainian presidential campaign of Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych was disliked by many American politicians because of his ties with Putin.

After new details emerged in a Politico article that further tainted Manafort’s name by emphasizing his ties in this region the world, he offered Donald Trump his resignation. Trump accepted it. But the damage was done-the Democrats now have another talking point in their narrative that Trump is hand in hand with Russia. As the Cold War sentiments still linger within the United States, and the anti-Russian feeling is still strong in some areas, this is a strong point of attack in a campaign.