August 17

Trump Cleans Out House…Again


Donald Trump has played by his own rules this campaign season. The presidential candidate has gone against every campaign rule, and followed the beat of his own drum. Since he announced his run, Trump held rallies instead of Townhalls, and relied on social media as his main form of communication. And for once, you can actually tell the candidate is writing his own Tweets and Facebook posts. So this model has remained true for the rest of his campaign. Today, Trump again switched the roles of his campaign up. He has hired Shannon Bannon, a co-founder of Breitbart News, and Kellyanne Conway, a Republican pollster, into two major power positions on his team.

Shannon Bannon will be chief executive. Kellyanne Conway will be campaign manager.

These two hires are said to be because the old hires were clashing with Trump’s populist campaign style. While they were already part of his campaign, they were not in these prestigious positions. Trump said back in June that he was going to change his campaign around in order to be “more presidential.” We saw the introduction of teleprompter, and an effort to stay on message. This past few weeks, however, we saw that this does not technically work for Trump. His style is definitely more populist, and it is what got him to his position in the first place. After the decline of his poll numbers, Trump must have thought that he still knows best, and decided to clean house and then hire people who will go along with his style.

Trump needs a major campaign turn around before November 8th. Normally, a candidate keeps their campaign manager from day one till election day. But we know Trump is not your usual candidate. They say the third time is the charm, so maybe with this campaign manager he will find fine tune his formula to increase his poll numbers and get back in the race. And maybe Stephan Bannon will help him the media, and making sure his message gets out more clear.  Trump is constantly at odds with the media, but we can expect at least Breitbart to cover him in a positive way.