August 12

Trump Goes Rogue

If you have ever seen the political movie about McCain and Palin’s run for the 2012 election, you might remember the distinct moment when Sarah Palin is shown breaking away from the McCain campaign and “going rogue.” You saw in the movie how the campaign tried to force Palin to be a certain way, which took away from her natural political personality that appealed to so many of her supporters. When it came down to the more intense part of the campaign-with more hard pressed interviews about policies and specific details, Palin fell apart. While of course, this is fiction, we can see what they based it off of. Palin is an incredible politician when it comes to public speaking and connecting to voters. When it came down to the nitty gritty details, Palin took her own path.

We see a similar pattern now happening to Donald Trump. The primary, which is more general, is about big speeches and creating enthusiasm for broad ideas. While building a wall sounds like a great plan, when it comes to defining how, detailed answers are required. Trump’s campaigns style is populist, which has had a huge effect on his supporters across the country. They have been promised riches great paying jobs, a safe country, a strong America, and all illegal immigration stopping in the US. It sounds perfect. But then the media, who know these policies, attack Trump, the divide comes in and the split for the general election occurs.

Palin is still an insanely popular political figure. She still gives great public speeches, and her political influence is palpable (she really gave Trump the edge he needed over Cruz). Trump has said this week that he is not going to change. He is going to deliver the same speeches and say the same politically incorrect things that got him to this place in the first place. We cannot blame Trump for being himself-it is why so many of his supporters are so loyal. There were so many reports that Trump was going to change the tone of his campaign before the convention, but we have seen that nothing has changed, and if anything it has gotten worse.

People are writing Trump off, but he has been the underdog once and the result in the end was the Republican nomination. Even though he is down in the polls, Trump still has a chance. There are so many things that can happen before November 8th. Trump being himself will help him more than if he tries to fit a political mold. Palin did just fine for herself after her VP campaign, and we can expect Trump to do the same. He said he will take a nice vacation, but most likely, he will still have his followers’ ears, and will be a political influencer just like Palin is.