August 02

How the GOP Took the Bait

Even after Donald Trump officially accepted the nomination, as is without a doubt now the Republican candidate, Republicans seem to be doing their best to take him out. And even though they might say they are fighting against Hillary Clinton, by doing this against their own candidate, they are doing a pretty good job putting her in office.

Of course, this is in reference to Senator John McCain’s scathing remarks against Trump yesterday when it came to Khizr Khan and his speech against Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention- just a couple speeches before Hillary Clinton herself spoke.

Khizr Khan and his wife, Ghazala, were at the National Convention because their son was slain in the Iraq War. They are immigrants from Iran. Khan slammed Trump for his words against Muslims and his immigration policies. As his son is a fallen soldier, who every American respects, there is a reason Clinton chose him to speak on the final day. He is above all criticism because of the ultimate sacrifice he and his wife made for our country. So while Khan gave some very harsh words to Donald Trump, Trump was backed into a corner. Anything he said back would be used against him, as we have seen first hand.

Khan has continued to make the rounds on networks and say things like how he thinks Donald Trump has a “black soul.” He said, “We need a leader that will unite us, not disrespect, not by derogatory remarks.”

While Trump has not said anything bad against Khan, the fact that he tweet out against him at all is what is under fire. All Trump said was that Khan is attacking him without knowing him, but this added enough fuel to the fire to make it an issue. If Trump had ignored Khan’s attacks, the whole story would have faded into the DNC background. Instead, Trump took the bait. Khan knew this might have happened, as he accepted the invitation to speak to the whole world on the DNC stage. Clinton must have hoped Trump would have taken to Twitter to talk about this speech, and it worked. Now, the picture

But instead of keeping quiet, other Republicans are coming out in response to Khan and in opposition to Trump. McCain wrote a long piece where he all but says we need a new Republican leader. McCain, who is considered part of the GOP elite, and party leaders, is clearly showing disunity still within the Republican Party. Instead of the GOP working to fight against Clinton, we are again, fighting between ourselves.

Just as Trump should have not taken the bait and spoken out against Khan, the Republicans should not have taken the bait and spoken out against Trump. Now, right after the DNC, there is a new focus on the dysfunctional GOP Party. Last week, we saw wikileak emails that proved the Democratic primary was rigged in Hillary’s favor. We saw Bernie Sanders supporters storm the streets in protest against Clinton. As a party, we should instead focus on this point, and show voters that the Democrats are the ones separated by inner party turmoil. They have flipped it once again onto Trump and the Party establishment. By doing that, they give Clinton the room she needs to retake first place.