Monthly Archives: August 2016

August 23

Trump’s New Trump Card

Donald Trump made a strategic campaign move, and it has paid off. Following a rough few weeks and plummeting polls, many people thought the nail in the coffin was his new hires. Stephen Bannon, a cofounder of Breitbart News, was brought in as his new CEO. Kellyanne Conway, a pollster, was brought in as Campaign […]

August 23

State Department Issues Warning to Americans Traveling to Iran

The State Department issued a warning to US travelers heading to Iran. Basically, they said to try and postpone the trip if possible, because Iran is purposefully detaining Americans, especially those with dual citizenship in Iran and western countries. This is sparking a huge reaction. Almost all Republicans united in their dislike for the Iran […]

August 22

Democrats Find New Point of Attack

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager is making a new campaign pivot. It involved Donald Trump, and it involves the Kremlin. Robby Mook went on ABC’s This Week and said Donald Trump “is just a puppet for the Kremlin in this race.” George Stephanopoulous clarified, asking, “You’re saying Donald Trump is a puppet for the […]

August 19

Trump Pulls a Strategic Campaign Move

While President Obama plays golf in Martha’s Vineyard on his annual vacation to the high end island, and while Clinton is off the map with no event planned till Sunday- Donald Trump will be the first out of the president and his opponent to visit Louisiana. For the past few days, Louisiana has had extreme […]

August 18

Can Trump Turn It Around?

Donald Trump has built his campaign promising his loyal voters that he is a winner. If all he does is win, which he promises he does, then there’s no way he can lose to Hilary Clinton. After the Republican National Convention, Trump’s poll numbers showed that this might be true. In what is considered his […]

August 17

Trump Cleans Out House…Again

  Donald Trump has played by his own rules this campaign season. The presidential candidate has gone against every campaign rule, and followed the beat of his own drum. Since he announced his run, Trump held rallies instead of Townhalls, and relied on social media as his main form of communication. And for once, you […]

August 12

Trump Goes Rogue

If you have ever seen the political movie about McCain and Palin’s run for the 2012 election, you might remember the distinct moment when Sarah Palin is shown breaking away from the McCain campaign and “going rogue.” You saw in the movie how the campaign tried to force Palin to be a certain way, which […]

August 05

Insiders Want Trump Out

For months now, there has been a conspiracy theory growing. And even though sometimes it is put to rest, the same theory seems to keep rearing its head back up, returning questions and speculation. The conspiracy theory is this: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will be the next president of the United States. This […]

August 05

The Most Significant Part of the Melania Speech Hysteria

Melania Trump gave a knockout speech her first night of the Republican National Convention. Donald Trump popped in early just to introduce her. She looked stunning, and captivated the crowd. The focus was immigration, and her love for this country. As immigration is definitely one of Trump’s most hot topic issues, she is an asset […]

August 05

Trump and Pence Play Good Cop, Bad Cop

Donald Trump said that he likes to be unpredictable, and he is bringing that theme to his own running mate and their election platform. In another hard week for Trump in the media, the business billionaire found himself backed against the wall, and immediately struck out against all GOP politicians who spoke out against him. […]