The Total DNC Irony

While the media talked about the GOP disunity, the democrat party completely fell apart. Hillary Clinton honestly must look at the convention, which has been so perfectly planned, and wonder what stone was left unturned.

The stone left unturned is one that is a fundamental joke the universe plays on us- the truth always comes out. It seems like something that was planned for probably a life time, which was postponed eight years ago, is slipping from her fingers. Clinton won the delegates she needs, she won the popular votes, but her promise that she is a progressive is simply not resonating with Bernie Sanders supporters, who want money and corruption out of politics. And after today, she might not ever win them back. It does not mean they will give Trump their vote, but it most certainly will not be “with her.”

And even with Bernie Sanders, urging his followers who are in the streets protesting Hillary Clinton, and even with Senator Elizabeth Warren promising Clinton is a progressive, there is still a huge number of people at the convention who refuse to participate, and refuse to cheer for Clinton.

At the RNC, even though some delegates told me that they wished Ted Cruz were on the ticket instead; everyone still felt generally happy about Trump being the candidate. While there were some Never Trump movement people in the midst, they were not protesting it. In fact, the protesters is saw were against “hate,” but when asked the alternative, they said they were unsure. This means that a majority of people out there are still undecided about who they want as president. But as for Clinton protesters, they know who they want (Sanders) and who they do not want (Clinton).

Clinton said “there’s a Hillary standard and then there’s a standard for everyone else.” In a 60 minutes interview. But the problem is others couldn’t agree more. It now seems like there are two email scandals. For the server, although there are clips of Clinton promising something and then FBI’s Comey saying it was not true her statement, but let her go anyway. Many think that this proves Hillary believes she is “above the law,” and therefore yes, is held to her own standard. And now, after the Wikileaks, it appears the DNC is in on the standard. Bernie Sanders supporters have taken to the streets to protest the total hypocrisy, and call change. Even though Democrat speakers are urging them to vote for Clinton, numbers show her image at an all time low.

And now, after only a day of major media coverage, people have glossed over the fact that even though there is proof Debbie Wasserman Schultz acted with a bias towards Clinton, Clinton hired her to work on her campaign. If Clinton were truly shocked by this, she would have stepped aside. Instead, it looks like she is returning the favor to a friend who did the dirty work at her own career expense. Wasserman Schultz has an election she now may not win, but she already has a job with Clinton so she will be just fine.

The theme of this election on both sides of the aisle is against party corruption. Even though party leaders are asking for a different outcome, the people are demanding answers and change. That is something, I think, we can all be proud of.