Police Ask to Suspend Firearm Right

Second amendment right is an issue that walks hand in hand with the GOP. In fact, while there are many areas within the party where voters find a disagreement, this is one that is almost unanimously the same. The promise to uphold the second amendment is necessary to every GOP lawmaker seeking public office, and an endorsement from the NRA is the stamp of approval a candidate needs to move forward with their race.

So, given the wake of the police shootings, the Republican National Convention is in a tough situation. Do they suspend people in the convention area their right to carry a concealed firearm? The head of the Cleveland Police Union has called on the Ohio government to do this, in the wake of the increased police shootings this past week, and the expected protests against Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

Stephen Loomis said they sent an open letter to Governor John Kasich, asking him to suspend this law during the convention. Kasich responded,  “Ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws as suggested.”

But this brings up a very interesting point, and a point for the RNC on a whole. After many shootings, Republican lawmakers will advocate that if there was someone there who had a concealed weapon, they could have fought back. After the Orlando mass shooting, Donald Trump himself said if employees at the club had weapons, they could have fought back.

So this will put politicians and GOP members in a difficult situation this week. As they do not want there to be increased threats of violence following police shootings in Dallas and now today, in Baton Rouge, they will want to eliminate threats. By legally allowing people to carry concealed weapons around the RNC, this potential threats increase substantially. But at the same time, if the Republicans believe those with concealed weapons can fight back those creating chaos, then this will be the perfect chance to stand by what they believe in.