Clinton Responds to Trump’s VP Choice

Clinton clearly was ready for whomever Donald Trump chose for his VP pick, because as soon as he made his official announcement, Clinton immediately went on the defensive, telling her supporters why Pence is the most radical VP choice in history. And in case you did not want to read through a whole article, she provided some bullet points. In her opinion, if you “like Donald Trump,” this is why “you’re going to love his choice for vice president.”

-“Supports tax cuts for millionaires, opposes a higher minimum wage”

-“Would defund Planned Parenthood and restrict abortion access”

-“Would deport millions of immigrants and oppose immigrations reform”

-“Wouldn’t’ fight climate change

-“Would repeal the Affordable Care Act”

Clinton is right, for many reasons, especially Obamacare, these are the reasons Pence is a sought after and popular running mate for Trump.

Vice President choices are so important because of this very reason-the running mate can aid the candidate. But at the same time, it is another point of attack for the competitor. Clinton has obviously done her research, and was ready for Pence as soon as the announcement was made. Her two biggest points of attack are most likely going to be Planned Parenthood and abortion in order to win the women’s vote, and Pence’s controversial gay marriage law which allowed business owners to deny gay couples service. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was signed into law by Pence after gay marriage became legal in the state. There was such significant backlash over this, that Pence reversed his decision.

The general election is about to officially start. After the conventions and after both presumptive nominees accept the nomination, the election will get that much more heated, and that much more serious.