July 14

Senator Tim Scott Talks About Personal Experience With Police

The only African American senator is Republican Tim Scott from South Carolina. While the left likes to paint the picture of the GOP as non diverse, this is not true. And yesterday, on the Senate floor, he spoke about his own experience with Capitol Police.

Even as a US Senator, one of the most prestigious positions in the United States government, Scott said that he felt at times targeted because of his skin color.

Scott said in a year, he was “stopped seven times,” as an elected official. Scott said that if the officer does not identify you by face, they see your pin on your suit. Once, an officer said to him after already being in office for five years, “the pin, I know. You, I don’t.” Later, the supervisor called and apologized to Senator Scott for the behavior of the officer. The South Carolina senator has obviously been targeted more than his colleagues, and there is no other explanation than his skin color.

Even a senator has felt discrimination by certain police officers. At a time where there is increased awareness of this, Scott’s voice is bringing the issue to Capitol Hill, and can enact change from inside Congress. While this is a hot topic issue, as some fight against the slogan “black lives matter” to be instead “all lives matter,” recent videos and testimonies like Scott are bringing much needed awareness to a longstanding issue.

Newt Gingrich said that caucasians cannot understand how it feels to be an African American living in the United States, and that statement could not be more true. While of course all lives do matter, stories like this one from Scott and videos posted to social media are bringing attention to something that for a long time has been ignored. Scott brought the story to the Senate floor, and hopefully, we will soon see some sort of change.