July 13

Bets Are Back on Newt

All bets are back on Newt Gingrich as Trump’s VP choice. Gingrich has suspended his gig with Fox News as a political contributor since he is part of the VP list. As Trump is making his announcement on Friday, it seems like a lot of effort if Gingrich was not going to be the choice.

In a statement, Fox News said, “Fox news Channel has mutually agreed to suspend its contributor agreement with Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich effective immediately.”

The suspicion lies in that if Gingrich were not lined up for a new job, why would he suspend the one he already has? Gingrich said that we should expect an announcement from Trump on his VP later this week, and was campaigning with him last week in Ohio. Trump told his supporters at his rally that Gingrich would definitely have a spot on his team.

Trump said one of his main requirements in choosing a VP would be that the person needs to be a DC insider. Gingrich is most definitely this. Most candidates choose a candidate from a swing state, or that appeals to a particular group. Gingrich is from Georgia which votes red, and is not overly popular with evangelicals-a group Trump needs. He is, however, a Fox News favorite, and someone who already has national presence because of his media presence.

Gingrich definitely has the personality to keep up with Trump. He also was one of the first GOP Party leaders to come out in support of Trump, and said his campaign was like nothing he had ever seen. Another irony was that Gingrich led the charge to impeach Bill Clinton when he was Speaker of the House. If Gingrich is VP, he will again be up against a Clinton in the race for the White House.