July 07

Trump and Cruz Meet on Capitol Hill

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz started out on the primary trail as friends. In fact, they seemed like they were allies in the midst of 17 candidates all battling it out for the coveted nomination. The two were seen in pictures high living, and liked to think of themselves as outside of the Washington elite. 

The first crack came when Donald Trump received the endorsement from Sarah Palin.  The next big crack, when Senator Ted Cruz won Iowa. Now, the politician seemed to have a real chance. And as he won more states, Donald Trump and he ramped up their attack ads against one another. Their cordial friendship turned ugly, as they brought in their wives into the mix, and went after one another on a professional and personal level. 

Today, it seems like this relationship may have mended. Donald Trump reportedly met with Senator Ted Cruz on Capitol Hill today, overseen by GOP Chairman Reince Priebus. The meeting may have been awkward, as the two have not seen each other since their attacks, but they were able to lay down their swords for the good of the party. 

And now, the media is buzzing that maybe, Ted Cruz will be Trump’s Vice President. The convention is just around the corner, and it is customary that the nominee will have chosen a running mate by this time. While there is #nevertrump movement still happening, and many are trying to dethrone Trump at the convention, it is extremely important for Trump to strategically pick a running mate. Furthermore, Cruz has not even come out in support for Trump. it would b e good for Trump is Cruz spoke at the convention, but the Texas senator has not said if he will even attend. 

Trump met with the House GOP and the Senate GOP as he tries to make amends with politicians, and ramp up support as he heads into the general election. The party seems very fragmented, as opinions over Trump change everyday. For this reason, Trump spent his day on Capitol Hill with lawmakers. The result of this meeting seems as though it was productive, but we will have to wait to see if the number of politicians who plan to attend the convention increases after this effort. 

The biggest news is the meeting with Cruz, who could help Trump with far right Republicans who think Trump is a liberal in disguise.