July 07

Ivanka Trump for VP?

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that politics is real. There are so many TV shows that resemble much of politics, that you wonder is entertainment is really more of a documentary. In particular, with the recent House of Cards season, where Frank Underwood and Clare Underwood decide to run as President and Vice President. It started with one supporter, who caused enough support to make it into reality. Now, the same thing is happening in real life. Ivanka Trump is making the rounds today as a great potential VP pick for Donald Trump.

The first one to say it was Senator Bob Corker. Yesterday, he told the press that he was not considering being Trump’s VP, but “Trump’s best VP pick would be his daughter.” Corker said that he knows this would not be an option, but now he has sown the seed. He said Trump’s daughter is “most impressive.”

Eric Trump has now come out in praise of his sister as well.” On Fox News, he said “She’s certainly got my vote. She’s got the beautiful looks, she’s smart, she’s smart, she’s smart.”

Ivanka Trump is often right by her father’s side during his campaign. She is busy with working for Trump real estate, and has her own fashion line. Ivanka is considered by many to be an example of the modern day woman- she is smart, she is beautiful, and she is ambitious. Her Instagram shows Ivanka to really do it all- she is busy at home and at work.

And this has not gone unnoticed. Many people who say that Trump is too outrageous as a candidate, then go on to praise his daughter.

Ivanka also works to negate accusations against Trump on his treatment women. She told Poppy Harlow that her father would be “amazing of women,” and negated claims that he is “gender targeted.” She continued, “I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I wouldn’t be a high-level executive within his organization, if he felt that way.”

There is definitely a point here, and one that is strong. Ivanka proves by how she is professionally that Trump clearly does not think all women are incapable, as he thinks extremely highly of his daughter and gives her a lot of authority. Furthermore, he raised her to be independent and confident, but also successful. Ivanka would be a powerful running mate, and while it seems highly unlikely, it is not impossible that this would happen.