Monthly Archives: July 2016

July 27

The Total DNC Irony

While the media talked about the GOP disunity, the democrat party completely fell apart. Hillary Clinton honestly must look at the convention, which has been so perfectly planned, and wonder what stone was left unturned. The stone left unturned is one that is a fundamental joke the universe plays on us- the truth always comes […]

July 21

The Cruz D’ETAT

After so much anticipation as the nation waited for this convention, the week started out relatively smooth. With 5,000 police officers in downtown Cleveland, the protests have been controlled, and the speeches have gone  according to plan. Trump even got some big wig party leaders to put down their swords, and come to the convention […]

July 20

“The Trump Convention”

Earlier this week, when the media asked Donald Trump’s campaign director, Paul Manafort, if the campaign was worried about different talks that Trump may not be the nominee after all, he responded with total confidence that he was not, because this would be a “Trump convention.” This could actually not be more true. This Republican […]

July 17

Police Ask to Suspend Firearm Right

Second amendment right is an issue that walks hand in hand with the GOP. In fact, while there are many areas within the party where voters find a disagreement, this is one that is almost unanimously the same. The promise to uphold the second amendment is necessary to every GOP lawmaker seeking public office, and […]

July 17

Why Trump Chose Pence

Governor Mike Pence may have just come to your attention. While Americans are aware of major national news happening, it takes a political junkie to know the details of each governor, and their background. While Pence was on the national stage over the Freedom of Religion Restoration act, other than that, he was not a […]

July 15

The Potential Convention Coup d’Etat

By Claire Hardwick CNN made a video that highlighted different people that are at the Republican National Convention before it officially starts this Monday. Delegates met this week to go over the “rules” at the convention.  Basically, the delegates decide how the convention will proceed, and how to nominate a candidate. The whole delegate process […]

July 15

Clinton Responds to Trump’s VP Choice

Clinton clearly was ready for whomever Donald Trump chose for his VP pick, because as soon as he made his official announcement, Clinton immediately went on the defensive, telling her supporters why Pence is the most radical VP choice in history. And in case you did not want to read through a whole article, she […]

July 14

Senator Tim Scott Talks About Personal Experience With Police

The only African American senator is Republican Tim Scott from South Carolina. While the left likes to paint the picture of the GOP as non diverse, this is not true. And yesterday, on the Senate floor, he spoke about his own experience with Capitol Police. Even as a US Senator, one of the most prestigious […]

July 14

Trump Pence 2016

The list of speakers for the Republican National Convention has been released. And the line up just gave some huge information. Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie, who are both part of the VP list, have been scheduled to speak. But Governor Mike Pence has not. We can conclude, for this reason, that Pence will be […]

July 13

Bets Are Back on Newt

All bets are back on Newt Gingrich as Trump’s VP choice. Gingrich has suspended his gig with Fox News as a political contributor since he is part of the VP list. As Trump is making his announcement on Friday, it seems like a lot of effort if Gingrich was not going to be the choice. […]