Monthly Archives: June 2016

June 21

GOP Splits Over Trump

Former presidential candidate, Senator Lindsey Graham, has been all over the news lately. Not for his views on foreign policy, which is normally why he sits under the network lights, but because of his opinion of Donald Trump. If you think for a second of the Democratic Party, you never can think of one person […]

June 20

Donald Trump Cuts Ties With Campaign Manager

With less than a month left till the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump has finally secured the spot as the presumptive GOP nominee. When all seemed like it would settle down in the Republican world as the party came together to fight against Clinton, the news has incredibly picked up. Today, Donald Trump parted ways […]

June 20

Donald Trump Is All For Brexit

There is a major storm happening in the United Kingdom. And ironically, it is similar to the one that is happening in America. The UK is going to have a vote on whether or not the country should leave the European Union. Just for a little history-the EU is a politico-economic union of most countries […]

June 18

Bob Dole Pushes for GOP to Fall in Line

This election cycle, there has been a major shakeup in the GOP. No one would have believed that a year ago, when Donald Trump spoke at the Trump Tower in New York City and announced he was running for president, that he would have run and won in such a huge way. The party already […]

June 17

GOP Elite Gears Up for Trump Overthrow

There was a relative sense of calm when Senator Ted Cruz suspended his primary campaign for the GOP Party. It was almost too calm. It seemed like in these quiet days that maybe the Party would come together behind Donald Trump after all. This, of course, would be too easy after a tumultuous primary season. […]

June 16

Trump Has Theory on DNC Russian Hackers

Donald Trump believes that the “Russian hackers” who hacked the DNC are not Russian after all. Instead, he believes that the Democratic National Committee fabricated this story in order to leak their research  on him to the media. In a statement, Trump said, “We believe it was the DNC that did the ‘hacking’ as a […]

June 16

Trump’s Supporters Are Also Against the Media

This week, news outlets seem so genuinely shocked that Donald Trump pulled the Washington Post’s press credentials. Trump did this after the Post wrote an extremely misleading headline. The presumptive Republican nominee has been very open about his opinion of the media since he started his run for office. And really, he is right. The […]

June 15

Trump Calls Shots in NRA Meeting

Donald Trump made an announcement today that might shock many Republicans. He said in a tweet that he is going to meet with the NRA about banning guns from those listed on the no fly list. This is monumental, as it is normally the NRA dictating terms to the GOP candidate. Instead, Trump is dictating […]

June 14

The Biggest Takeaway from Donald Trump’s Speech in NH

As the general election heats up, Donald Trump is kicking it into high gear. Gone are the days of his stream of consciousness speeches at his rallies, replaced with teleprompters with clear, concise speeches. What we have already seen from his past two speeches, the first last week at his golf club in Westchester, and […]

June 14

Donald Trump Pulls Washington Post Press Credentials

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been one for the history books. Among a whole list of events that would leave campaign directors utterly shocked, at the top is his blatant attack against the media. Now, many Trump critics first response to Trump’s attitude towards the media, is that this is an example of how he […]