June 30


Trump on Sanders:” He Hates Her”


Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Maine, where he spoke to his crowd in the typical Trump fashion. In his speech, he brought up a good point about Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and the presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton: does he hate her?
Trump has called on Bernie Sanders fans to come over to support him. He said that Sanders and him have a lot in common, especially when it comes to trade deals. The two are both against party corruption, and are thought to be political outsiders.
Trump said that he knows Sanders outwardly speaks against Trump, but knows that deep in his heart, he likes the presumptive Republican candidate, “he hates her” Trump said, “Bernie Sanders cannot stand Hillary Clinton. You wouldn’t think this, but there is one thing Bernie Sanders and I are in complete accord with, and that’s trade.”
This brings up a good point, will Sanders support Clinton? The two, on the campaign trail, could not be more opposite form one another. They were so opposite, that Clinton now tries to paint herself as a progressive, and has Senator Elizabeth Warren glued to her side, making sure to caption the photo that they are two progressives ready to fight Donald Trump.
But Sanders was the one to call this “progressive” bluff. And his supporters agree with him. So much so, that a recent Bloomberg poll showed that half of Sander’s supporters said they will not support Hillary Clinton. Sanders poked holes in her platform, questioning why she would take six figures for speeches, and her deep involvement with special interest groups. In an election that seemed to be overly easy for Hillary Clinton to secure, Sanders gave her a run for her money, literally. Sanders supporters believe that the candidate was treated unfairly by the Democratic National Committee, and Clinton was given a huge advantage. Clinton had also basically secured all the delegates she needs before the election even started.
Clinton, however, does need Bernie Sanders. Trump knows this, and that is why he wants them to see that he and Sanders are not so unlike after all. And while it is true, Sanders is outspokenly against Donald Trump, we can imagine that he really does strongly dislike the presumptive Democratic nominee. As someone who is so loyal to his beliefs, Clinton symbolizes everything that is wrong with the political system.