June 29

Lewandowski Loses a 1.2 Million Dollar Book Deal

Most times, when an employee gets fired, they are stressed as they hurry to find a new job. That’s not the case for Corey Lewandowski. The former campaign director for Donald Trump has been flooded with new opportunities ever since the shocking news that he was leaving the Trump train. Lewandowski almost immediately did an interview for CNN after this news was released, and then took a job with the network as a political correspondent.

And now, it looks like Lewandowski had other offers besides the CNN one. HarperCollins offered Lewandowski 1.2 million to write a tell all book of his time running Trump’s campaign. The deal fell through, however, because of Trump’s non disclosure agreement he makes all his employees sign. This NDA extends to the time after the employee has left. Basically, if Lewandowski ever tries to do a serious tell all about the Trump family, and give a behind the scenes look of what happened at the campaign-he can expect a massive lawsuit against him.

The book was supposedly going to be called “Let Trump be Trump.” This, apparently, was Lewandowski’s campaign director directions. It is also rumored that this is why he was let go. Lewandowski is said to have bumped head with Paul Manafort, who wanted to see a different type of Trump emerge to fight Clinton in the general election. Lewandowski disagreed with this, and supposedly said “let Trump be Trump.” Trump’s personality did very much shine through in his campaign. This is what gave him the edge to outshine the other sixteen candidates in a tough primary race.

Lewandowski had direct access to what has been one of the most interesting campaigns to watch in election history. He saw first hand how a business billionaire overthrew the Republican Party, and won the hearts of millions of Republicans. Trump won a record number of votes, and had to fight an uphill battle as the party and the media did everything they could to keep him from being the nominee. He did so anyway, and political professors, commentators, and consultants will want to know the inside scoop. If any campaign would have benefited from a documentary, this would have been one of them. We’ll have to wait to see what Lewandowski lets slip about Donald Trump and his campaign.