Donald Trump Spends 50 Million on Campaign

Donald Trumo differentiated himself early on in the campaign, because he told his supporters that he was self funding it. In a political cycle that shifted towards anti-establishment, Trump set himself apart from all other Republican candidates who took money from political donors. Like Bernie Sanders, who took no money from any Super PACs, Trump told his crowds that he was acting alone, and because of this, would owe no one a favor when he entered the Oval Office.

But soon into the primary season, it was revealed that Trump took out a loan to pay for his campaign. Many pointed to this that he was fabricating the truth for his own political interests, and pointed that he would just not pay the loan back. His advantage, many pointed out, was as fraudulent as they say Trump University is.

Today, however, Trump put this to rest as he released in a statement that he was paying the 50 million dollar loan back in full. He views this as a donation to the cause that he so greatly believes in, which is to “make America great again.” Trump has also changed the tone of his campaign. He hired a new campaign director who has years of experience in the business, and is starting to raise money from the general public.

Like Sanders, Trump wants to get most of his money through the people’s small donations. In an ad paid for on Facebook by the Trump campaign, Trump asks for contributions to his cause. He says that he did not ask his supporters for “a dime” in the primary, but now as the election gets more serious, is reaching out in order to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Trump said that his extinguished loan is an example that his word is good. Unlike the other ” all talk no action politicians,” Trump did indeed self fund his campaign out of his own wallet.

Hillary Clinton has spent her week attacking Trump over the economy. So it seems like Trump, who just made this announcement, is eliminating a point of attack. As Clinton has received millions of dollars from special interest groups, he will be able to use this part of her campaign to his own advantage.