Trump Wants a Different Type of Campaign

Yesterday, all news in the campaign world came to a screeching halt, as it came to everyone’s attention that Donald Trump had let his campaign director, Corey Lewandowski, go. With a month left till the convention, and a few months more until the November elections, this is not totally unprecedented, but it is still shocking.

First of all, it is hard to imagine Trump with a campaign manager at all. His campaign seems more raw, and more genuinely authentic, than any other politician. Never did we see a cardboard speech of Trump reading off the teleprompter all the things his press secretary thought he should say, and instead, we believed that everything Trump said was because he wanted to.
But we have to assume that Corey Lewandowski has some sort of part in this play. While trump was definitely grabbing the situation for himself, and his personality is written all over it, Lewandowski as campaign manager has to be given some credit. Trump received more Republican votes than any other candidate in history. Furthermore, he beat out 16 longtime politicians with heavy hitting donors and deep pockets.
Now, Trump says that he wants a new type of campaign, and that he was not sure about Lewandowski’s leadership. Trump must know that he is going to have a hard election with Hillary Clinton, and after a few bad weeks, must think it is time to change the direction of his campaign. We will never get Lewandowski’s side of the story, however, because he signed a non disclosure agreement that bars him from giving confidential information about Trump or any member of the family.
Trump is serious about winning this campaign. If that means letting go of his campaign director, then he obviously has no problem doing it. Lewandowski was under fire for grabbing a Breitbart reporter’s arm, but Trump stepped by him. So, from this we can assume its not from a scandal, but genuinely because Trump wants to amp up his campaign.