June 21

GOP Splits Over Trump

Former presidential candidate, Senator Lindsey Graham, has been all over the news lately. Not for his views on foreign policy, which is normally why he sits under the network lights, but because of his opinion of Donald Trump.

If you think for a second of the Democratic Party, you never can think of one person coming out numerous times in the news just to bash Hillary Clinton. But Lindsey Graham has gotten his fair share of air time just for this.
Graham said yesterday that he was “sorry” for who the GOP is as a party, mostly in reference to our presumptive nominee. He then said at the New American Security’s conference that the believed the next president would “most likely: be Hillary Clinton.
It is a little surprising that Graham would come out in such disfavor of Donald Trump with a month left till the convention. Even Marco Rubio, who made it much further than Graham in the race, has said he will attend the convention, and would much rather see Trump in the White House than Hillary Clinton.
The GOP Party elite cannot let go that no matter how hard they try. Trump has won Republican vote numbers by the millions, but party leadership will not let him be the new party leader. President Obama and virtually every other Democratic politician has come out for Hillary Clinton, but the George W Bush has said he will not attend the convention, and Jeb Bush said he will not vote for Trump at all.
So while the Democratic Party swarms around Hillary, Trump is stuck playing defense within his own party. Trump signed the pledge that he would run as a Republican, but now, some party leaders refuse to embrace him as the candidate. In our democracy, Trump won more than fair and square, as he relied on actual votes instead of winning over delegates and superdelates (such as, Ted Cruz in Colorado).
The Republican Party really needs to get their vision together, because after the last few weeks, Clinton is gaining serious leads on our presumptive Republican nominee.