Donald Trump Is All For Brexit

There is a major storm happening in the United Kingdom. And ironically, it is similar to the one that is happening in America. The UK is going to have a vote on whether or not the country should leave the European Union.

Just for a little history-the EU is a politico-economic union of most countries in Europe (there are 28 in total). This means that each country keeps it own identity, laws, etc, but are a cohesive whole when it comes to certain issues. While traveling is easier, and while the United Kingdom basically got all the benefits of being in the EU without having to change their own currency, they now want to leave it. Why? Because of Syrian refugees.
Turns out Americans who support Donald Trump are not the only people who want to vote against receiving Syrian refugees. Many British people are against this, saying these refugees and other immigrants will take away their jobs. This issue is so heated, that a Member of Parliament was stabbed and shot while leaving a library where she was meeting with constituents. The MP, Jo Cox, was against Britain leaving the EU. Tommy Mair, who stabbed the 41 year old, shouted, “Britain first,” before his attack.
This same sort of tension exists heavily in the United States. Trump’s supporters are very enthusiastic about his promise to build a wall across America’s southern border, and to take a tough hand against illegal immigration. Furthermore, his supporters are enthusiastic about his reluctance to take in Syrian refugees, and his intense scrutiny for all immigrants from the Middle East.
The two major issue in both countries are national security and the economy. Both of these issues are driving the Brexit debate, and are crucial to Donald Trump’s platform. Trump has won in record numbers because of his views, despite the GOP’s obvious fight against him. And same with Brexit, the issue has the country clearly divided, and there is a real possibility the UK will leave the EU because of this issue. In both countries, citizens feel they are at financially, and from terrorist attacks. Because of this, there is a real desire to close borders, and keep jobs in the hands of citizens already in the country.
Donald Trump, of course, supports Brexit. Far right political campaigns are emerging throughout the world. As we see the political pendulum shift from the left, it is that much easier to understand why Donald Trump has done so well this election cycle.