June 18

Bob Dole Pushes for GOP to Fall in Line

This election cycle, there has been a major shakeup in the GOP. No one would have believed that a year ago, when Donald Trump spoke at the Trump Tower in New York City and announced he was running for president, that he would have run and won in such a huge way. The party already had its factions, but now, they have narrowed down to jsut two: pro or anti Trump. For this reason, with a month left to go, GOP Party leaders are coming out to support either one of these factions. And Bob Dole, the former Republican candidate, is for supporting Trump.

Dole said the party was good to him, and wants to continue to support the GOP. The thing about the party system is that it’s like a club, and once in it, you have the benefits and support that can help you. For this reason, Dole said that party leaders should fall in line behind Donald Trump instead of fighting with the presumptive nominee.

There are, of course, some party leaders who have done this. Speaker Paul Ryan said he would vote for Trump, and even Senator Marco Rubio, who was part of the #nevertrump movement, has put his former fights with the businessman aside and said he will attend the convention. Rubio said that he would rather Trump in the White House than Hillary Clinton. Jeb Bush, however, said he will not vote for either. To not vote though is to vote, and it is a vote for the other party. Even when you think you are not voting in our system, you are.

Which, actually, is the major reason all party leaders should fall in line behind Trump. At this point, looking at his numbers, there is no way another candidate can come in and get more Republican votes. And just to have a candidate who will get the “independents” is not enough. Trump’s supporters, who would vote Republican anyway, will be too angry from this coup d’etat, and will most likely leave the party completely.