GOP Elite Gears Up for Trump Overthrow

There was a relative sense of calm when Senator Ted Cruz suspended his primary campaign for the GOP Party. It was almost too calm. It seemed like in these quiet days that maybe the Party would come together behind Donald Trump after all.

This, of course, would be too easy after a tumultuous primary season. And now, After the primary voting season has officially ended, we are seeing cracks in the seemingly new cohesion within the Republican Party.


First and foremost, leading the charge is Mitt Romney. The former presidential candidate represents a what could have been great presidency. He lost his race to President Obama in 2008, and left the political stage. There were rumors that he would run again this election cycle, and that he was forced out by Jeb Bush who took all of his potential donors. Well, that clearly did not work, as Jeb Bush suspended his campaign right after the South Carolina primary. After this happened, we saw Mitt Romney come back with a vengeance, but this time, it was towards one of his own party politicians.


On March 3, Romney gave a speech which completely slammed Donald Trump. Moreover, he encouraged any other candidate to step up and run. Romney said we were at a similar place that Ronald Reagan was in, in 1964, when he gave a speech about the country at a crossroad. He believes that we are at a similar place to what Reagan described as two roads, “one that embraced conservative principles, dedicated to lifting people out of poverty and helping create opportunity for all. And the other, an oppressive government that would lead America down a darker, less free path.”


Romney continued the rest of his speech, strongly advocating against Donald Trump.


And since this time, there have been hints that the Party power players are planning some sort of overthrow of Donald Trump. While he has millions of voters who support him, it is clear that the ones who pull the strings do not. While Trump does not care about this, they will most likely try to do something to assert their own candidate and make sure that Trump is not the future president for the GOP.


And Romney has people who have joined him. George W Bush and Jeb Bush do not plan to attend the convention. In fact, Jeb Bush does not plan to vote at all. George W is spending his month headlining fundraisers for senators whose elections are jeopardized by Trump’s candidacy. Senator Mark Kirk said he would write in General Petraeus, Speaker Paul Ryan has openly come out many times in disagreement with Donald Trump that shows cracks in their new formed alliance. And Governor John Kasich, who is the host governor for the Republican National Convention, will not give Trump his support, and it does not seem like he will change his mind on the candidate any time soon. Kasich said he would even attend the convention without voting for the nominee. If you remember Kasich’s social media accounts, you may recall he strongly advocated for a contested convention.


It seems like at almost every chance, different seated Republican politicians are finding points to diverge from Trump. In Atlanta, Trump acknowledged this, and said that he would go at it alone. And he knows that if he does, his voters will go with him.


Mitt Romney is right, the GOP surely is at a crossroads. But unfortunately, it is not one that favors the GOP Party elite. Millions of voters came out for Donald Trump, despite the media’s attacks and the party leaders’ warnings. What the party thinks it means to be a Republican, proves to no longer be the case. The Party leaders wanted to respond to the change that was happening within the party, but while they made plans, the change happened without them. And now, the movement found their leader: Donald Trump.


The Trump, Party Leader fight continues on, with a month left until the convention. The convention is a time that the whole party is supposed to rally around their candidate and focus on the opposing party. But this election, it seems like this may be a total turning point for the Republican Party. Change is inevitable, and Donald Trump won. But how the party elite chooses to respond, and how those loyal to the party elite choose to respond, is a different story completely.