June 16

Trump’s Supporters Are Also Against the Media

This week, news outlets seem so genuinely shocked that Donald Trump pulled the Washington Post’s press credentials. Trump did this after the Post wrote an extremely misleading headline. The presumptive Republican nominee has been very open about his opinion of the media since he started his run for office. And really, he is right.

The media can almost hand pick a politician. The public relies on the media to find out what is going on in the world, and therefore, the media has all the power to tell them the information. While we hope that this information is purely factual and is valid, the media can choose to include or leave out certain details that paints a picture of a story a different way.

A perfect example has been the Republican Party with the gay community. While the story painted was that all GOP politicians are staunchly opposed to gay marriage, it is not only them, but their voters who are against this group. In fact, this stereotype of the GOP greatly hurts the party among young voters. In Donald Trump’s speech in New Hampshire, he spoke out for the gay community and promised that as president, he would stand beside them and support them. More, he argued, than Clinton because he would prevent terrorism from a group that openly targets them.  Just right there, Donald Trump did more to rectify the relationship between the LGBT community and the Republican Party than any candidate ever has.

And on Donald Trump’s Facebook page, there are comments that you also do not see in the media. A transgender woman thanked Trump and said she supported him, with a conservative Christian telling the woman that she supports her and the LGBT community, even if the media says she does not. Katy Connett wrote, to the transgender woman, Stephanie Maire, “Thank you Stephanie…I am a midwestern white, Christian, conservative woman, and I would pronely stand shoulder to shoulder with you!”

That comment was liked 2.6 thousand times.

Another comment talked about supporters for Clinton being “brainwashed by the liberal media.” It appears that Trump’s supporters have the same opinion of the media that he does. They believe that it misrepresents Trump’s movement, but also the conservative movement. Especially, it seems, the GOP’s relationship with the gay community.

The Democratic Party definitely used this bad relationship with the LGBT community to their advantage. If Trump dissolves this, he will gain a large new group of voters from Clinton, especially younger voters.

Trump’s campaign is all about going after the establishment. And this, includes the media and the stories they are telling about the politicians. But as Trump has said he will go directly to the people via social media, the story of the Republican Party seems like it is about to change.