June 15

Trump Calls Shots in NRA Meeting

Donald Trump made an announcement today that might shock many Republicans. He said in a tweet that he is going to meet with the NRA about banning guns from those listed on the no fly list.

This is monumental, as it is normally the NRA dictating terms to the GOP candidate. Instead, Trump is dictating terms to the NRA. The NRA is truly a Republican arsenal, and an endorsement from them is paramount to any campaign. The NRA endorsed Trump earlier than any Republican candidate.

The Democrats in Congress are putting pressure on the House and Senate to do something about gun control. Yesterday, when Senator Paul Ryan held a moment of silence for the victims in Orlando, the largest massacre in US History, Democrats got up and walked out of the House chamber. The same thing happened after San Bernardino.

While the Democrats are attacked for making this more about gun control than about terrorism, Trump is responding in a way that again, puts the Democrats back in a corner. The fact that the Orlando shooter was able to buy a gun, but not able to fly, was a huge point for those advocating for gun control.

And today, Trump plans to address that point with the NRA. The NRA is against any form of federal regulation, but if Trump is truly good at making deals, they are sure to come out of their meeting with a new plan.