Mitt Romney’s Return

After Mitt Romney lost to President Obama in 2012, the former governor of Massachusetts stepped out of the political world. There were many people who regretted this loss. Inside his campaign, Romney and his team truly thought they would win the White House, even on Election Day. On the day, they were planning where to spend their victorious night. And later, when the ‘Mitt’ documentary came out, we saw how much Romney genuinely cared about serving his country. We saw that he felt it a moral duty to apply conservative economics to create jobs, and reverse socialist policies that have been put in place from President Obama. He spoke about how great nations had fallen before, and feared that America was on the same road.

So now, four years later, Romney has come out of his reclusion because he now feels the current political environment is even worse. He came out against Trump when his campaign became serious and it was clear there was a good chance he would be the nominee, and urged any other politician to run for as a write in. This request sparked conspiracy theories that his former running mate, Paul Ryan, would contest the convention and somehow become the Republican nominee. It also showed the difference within the Republican Party- the old guard and the new guard. We see the “establishment” who want to redefine the Republican Party, but then we see the actual voters, who have redefined the party without the help of their former leaders by choosing Donald Trump as their nominee.

Romney, however, is not backing down. He had a huge conference this week in Utah, where politicians and political donors mixed together. We can assume that the conversations turned much to the future of the party, and what can be done to stop Donald Trump. Romney told CNN that Trump will apply “trickle down racism” to this country if he becomes president. He is using Trump’s recent judge comments to prove that he cannot be the party’s nominee.

So with a month before the convention, there is a large rift within the Republican Party. Governor John Kasich, the host governor of the convention in Cleveland, Ohio, told Fox News that at this point he cannot endorse Donald Trump. He even went as far to say that he could attend the convention without supporting the Republican nominee.

With so much press and so many meetings about dethroning Donald Trump, you have to expect that the convention will not go smoothly. Unless the party leaders can come to terms with Trump as the nominee, there is a good chance the party will split and the party leaders will choose a candidate of their own. While everyone should unite together right now behind Trump and focus on attacking Hillary Clinton, it appears the Republican civil war is still at large, led by Mitt Romney.